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The importance of self-esteem in your network marketing business

What 's Self-Esteem?

The general concept is this:

Self-esteem is basically the result of the way we see and judge ourselves.  

In fact the vote that we give to our person as a whole, hence the self-esteem.

It is basically the relationship between what we are and what we want to be.  

Self-esteem is also one of the components that filter and interpret what is happening, both inside and outside of our minds.

What these images represent for you? 


 Autostima | Network Marketing A cup or two faces that look?
 Autostima | Network Marketing  It 's a man playing the saxophone or a face of a woman ..?
 Autostima | Network Marketing  It 's a rabbit o. .. a duck?

 The truth is that we can decide what to see in these pictures!

If you are here you are reading these lines is because you yourself have decided to do it.

Here, as in everyday life happens the same, the images we create will automatically become reality.

If you work in network marketing you will undoubtedly happen to hear from your distributors phrases like:

This activity is not for me ... I cannot do it
Very often we do not deem appropriate, we do not feel adequate, we feel that feeling of being out of place, but we must understand that these are just pictures of us to own.

But just as we can create a negative image of ourselves we have the power to change it!

In some particularly difficult situations and totally new for us, (as may be just the marketing network for those who has never done so) automatically we open the drawer of the negative things: I will not make anything, you'll see that be wrong, everything will be a complete disaster and so on ...

and this is because I will have created an image of me in that state.

There should be always learn to open the drawer of the beautiful things, those things that please us, could be a task to learn to look in the mirror and smile, even laugh. It works!

It is an exercise that requires much effort and, above all, a personal awareness that allows us to invert the reality that we see, often, not positive.

The first few times you'll feel ridiculous, to think that the thing is totally unnecessary and say, 'What am I doing? ".

Try it in the morning, having cut his beard or make-up done, you will leave the room with a smile in your eyes and this is what people see and notice.

If you see a person smiling not think it's a person that all is well .. who has no problems ..

He smiles. And this is the cause of his happiness!

We must remember that is the image as we see ourselves, as others see it.

Self-esteem plays a critical role because when you are faced with a situation that causes insecurity, fear, anxiety, our self-esteem can make a difference in how we deal with that particular situation.

Even during our business network markerting we are often faced with the "No". No to all our gaming products .. or activities.

And 'maybe a "No" by our best friend .. or a person on whom we thought so!

If we have a high level of self-esteem, we will certainly go some way the situation and get out, while if we have low self-esteem, hardly able to address the situation with the right energy and mental condition.

This is why it is important to treat this aspect in network marketing.

That's why during this course we will speak often of self-esteem in the next lessons.!

This is because the low self-esteem is a mental condition limiting

that does not allow you to access your true potential.

The level of self-esteem affects very important, in the way we deal with a situation.

It’s inevitably linked to beliefs because it is the result of the link between the beliefs that

we as a whole and we have about ourselves.

So if the beliefs we have about ourselves are limiting, for consequently, comparing ourself to be as we want, we can only end up with a very low self-esteem.

I can assure you what I just said, because in addition to having read some books, I learned from my own experience.

I understand that self-esteem plays a key role in how you addressing a specific fear, when I realized

not face my fears in the same way.

Sometimes I could overcome them and face them, while other times there could by no means the only solution left was to run ... So I asked myself: "If I'm still the same person, then what makes the difference in how I behave in front of fear ....?

Because sometimes I run away, while other times I can look into her eyes with the certainty to make it? "
The only explanation I could give me was "I have confidence in myself, to make it or not, at that precise moment. "

What causes this security?

Since self-esteem, which in turn stems from the beliefs I have about me ..!

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